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Recreational Facilities

The exercise rooms, barbecue grills, pool, hot tub, and tennis courts are provided for the enjoyment of residents and their guests. The controls and rules for the hot tub are located near the pool entrance to the right of the elevator. The pool is unguarded. Children under the age of 16 using the pool must be supervised by an adult. Please turn off the lights when finished if you have used the tennis court. The light switch is located on the pole near the entrance. After you are finished in the fitness center, please turn off all of the lights and wipe down the equipment. The barbecue grills must be cleaned after each use. Users of recreational facilities are responsible for leaving the area used in good condition. If any guests are using the facilities, the resident is responsible for their conduct.


Arrangements must be made with the building manager to use the clubhouse facilities. A $100 deposit is required to use the club house. The deposit will be refunded if the clubhouse is returned in its previous condition.


When moving in or out of the Diplomat main building or when receiving large deliveries of furniture, appliances, or other large objects, the rear service elevator is to be used. Two shopping carts are provided by the Diplomat to assist residents in transporting small purchases. They are kept in the closet near the rear elevator and must be returned after use.


The parking lot is for use by residents and guests. Each unit is assigned one covered parking space and that space is only to be used by the occupant of that unit. No boats, campers, trailers, or commercial vehicles shall be permitted to be parked overnight without the written permission of the board of directors. No inoperable vehicles shall be permitted to remain on the premises in excess of two weeks. Vehicle repair or maintenance, except in the case of emergency, is not permitted.


No resident shall make any disturbing noises in the buildings or on the grounds that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of any other residents. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. During these hours, no outdoor activities that may generate noise are to be conducted. 

Exterior of Buildings

No changes to the exterior of the buildings or grounds or the posting of signs, except on the bulletin board by the mailboxes, are to be permitted without written consent of the Board of Directors. Door decorations are permitted.


Pets are welcome at the Diplomat. Residents are to review and follow the Diplomat Pet Policy if they wish to have pets. Pets must be registered using the form provided by management


The mailboxes for the main building are located in the rear of the building. The mailboxes for the townhouses are located in the parking lot. Residents should pick up their mail regularly. 


Trash is picked up on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS. Up to two trash bags left out by the door of individual units in the main building before 9:00 am will be taken to the dumpsters by the building manager as a courtesy. If these requirements cannot be met, it is the responsibility of the resident to take trash directly to the dumpster. Trash is NOT to be left out at any other time, especially overnight.

Request for All Tenants

Once a month, at the end of the day, pour 12 ounces of chlorine bleach straight down the drain of your Wet Bar Sink. Be careful not to let the bleach sit in the bowl of the sink, especially if the sink is stainless steel. In the morning, flush the pipe thoroughly with water from the faucet. Do not clean the pipe with bleach if you have recently cleaned with a product containing ammonia. 

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